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Hey Look! It's the Plot to EVERY Cop Drama

Posted by Paxton Nicholas on 11/19/15 1:39 PM

I would rather die than watch another NCIS, or CSI Wherever-the-Fuck because they all follow the exact same schedule of events. SPOILER ALERT! Here is every episode:

Flashback to the beginning

Business as usual turns sour as the future victim heads out for a night inevitably ending in crime.

Crime scene!

I guess that casual night out in the projects didn't end well. Don't worry though, the main cast is on it... with a witty quote too. hahaha...

Theme music

Time for some anthem rock to background killer shots of the team sifting through files, carefully handling science, or toting guns around.


"This case is so challenging"

"...and there is red tape everywhere!"



Team bonding

They give eachother a hard time, but they've all been through so much together. The quirky character says something to remind you how quirky they are.  hahaha... HAHAHA HA HA!


Criminal Minds Garcia quirky character cop drama



Suspect emerges. He will undoubtedly lead to more suspects...


The autopsy

The cheeky coroner with a witty but dark sense of humor is confused over something strange. The head crime solver has a hunch and leads the team to some new location where more crimes have happened.

coroner cop drama


The Killer is...

By sheer wit, profiling skills, or downright science they discover exactly who the culprit is without a doubt.


The Raid

They seek out the culprit and there is a fight, or a chase, or something super dangerous. It's a good thing everyone's favorite forensics analyst is also a good shot.


It's OK. We got 'em!

The culprit dies or gets caught (if caught he is instantly pressured into confessing everything.) More team comraderie ensues.


Oh yeah, the leader's haunting past

We learn something new about the leader's mysterious personal life. Add a new cliffhanger to the series-long plot line about that...


Roll credits



In general I don't like TV shows. I prefer movies. When it comes to TV shows though the absolute worst fall in with the "Cop Drama" genre. They will never go away. SO many people like them. It is just another unfortunate truth that I can't change.

Never again will this entertain me. There are no exceptions... This is the Law of Cop Dramas.


Paxton Nicholas

Written by Paxton Nicholas

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