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Jax Sleeping on the couch

Posted by Paxton Nicholas on 5/10/17 10:31 AM

This is the Pitbull at my house having a quick snooze on my chest.


How Email Bounces affect Contact Eligibility in HubSpot

Posted by Paxton Nicholas on 2/19/17 11:33 AM

HubSpot sends emails on your behalf, and if the email bounces (can not be delivered) HubSpot receives the bounceback message. Email servers explain why the email bounced within the bounce message. The server response is often overlooked by the untrained eye. However, HubSpot has a framework for categorizing these bounce messages.

So what's the point, why bother? Welp, Every time you hard bounce an email it hurts your sending reputation a little bit. A great deal of hard bounces can jeopardize the deliverability of contacts that are not invalid, and want your email. So, HubSpot built this framework to avoid bouncing emails to the same contact multiple times, to shield your sending reputation from unnecessary hard bounces.


Makes me want to vote for Bernie...

Posted by Paxton Nicholas on 3/7/16 6:17 PM

So my Dad is on vacation and he asked me to house-sit. My one condition for doing this was an unlimited onDemand budget. Last night I watched, The Big Short... made me want to vote for Bernie.


Collective Animal Names

Posted by Paxton Nicholas on 3/2/16 12:20 PM

Ever been strolling through the forest and see 30 owls together. Right, I mean, who hasn't. However, it is only an elite few that stop in there tracks to say, "Look there! a parliament of owls"



Posted by Paxton Nicholas on 12/9/15 3:11 PM


Drake is the Golden Crisp Bear

Posted by Paxton Nicholas on 11/25/15 11:24 AM

OK look at the Golden Crisp bear, (officially named "Sugar Bear"):


Goalies of the Past worth Remembering

Posted by Paxton Nicholas on 11/24/15 3:37 AM

The child version of myself was obsessed with goalies. As I type this post in my childhood bedroom I have a two posterboards cut into threes with Patrick Roy cards all over the both of them. I remember saving an entire book of hockey cards (worthless to-date) containing only the starting goalies of every team in 2003.


Hey Look! It's the Plot to EVERY Cop Drama

Posted by Paxton Nicholas on 11/19/15 1:39 PM

I would rather die than watch another NCIS, or CSI Wherever-the-Fuck because they all follow the exact same schedule of events. SPOILER ALERT! Here is every episode:


A Bucket List that doesn't include the Grand Canyon

Posted by Paxton Nicholas on 11/19/15 12:47 PM

Everyone knows what a bucket list is, because Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. Here is mine, it does not include the Grand Canyon:


Top 5 Seacoast New England craft beers

Posted by Paxton Nicholas on 11/16/15 2:25 PM

This will be the first of a monthly segment on consumables I like. Next up:

  1. Scotch
  2. Coffee
  3. Sides

In New England as a twenty something year old it is hard to get away with Coors Light or Bud Light any longer without enduring substantial harassment from your friends of the hipster mentality. These tried and true favorites just don't cut it for the judgemental out there. Although I have a special place in my heart for Rolling Rock and Miller Low-Life's there is a time and a place for everything and the time for these classics is in it's twilight.

So where do you go from there? Craft brews, limited editions, small-town breweries are everywhere. 80% of the time you are paying for a bottle, or a name, or simply a price; so how do you sift through the bullshit and start buying local for taste. It's a daunting task.

These are five of my favorites from around the Seacoast, and other various New England spots. Try them for yourself.


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