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Makes me want to vote for Bernie...

Posted by Paxton Nicholas on 3/7/16 6:17 PM

So my Dad is on vacation and he asked me to house-sit. My one condition for doing this was an unlimited onDemand budget. Last night I watched, The Big Short... made me want to vote for Bernie.


I went to Business School and majored in Finance. I was a loud mouth in Finance classes and generally enjoyed the subject.

I have a Roth IRA through TD Ameritrade rather than an IRA through John Hancock or something where a financial manager gets to pick the portfolio.

But everytime I get a view into the financial world and what I went to school to be a part of, the more sick to my stomach I become. I jumped on the Big Short bandwagon after they won an Oscar for something, I honestly don't know or care for what. Steve Carell's bitchy character Frank Baum shows how we need more skeptics in the world. We need more people who ask why rather than just treading water, waiting for another tsunami. If I tried to explain how messed up wall street was it would put you to sleep. I have no direct experience in it... thank god.

If you have the attention span to watch it, it's eye-opening. Sad truth is most won't, which is the root of the problem.


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